Opportunity House recognizes the need for an alternative to prison for    non-violent drug and/or alcohol offenders.  We offer an opportunity to those who sincerely want a more appropriate way of life, change their direction.


Many of our clients come to us from the judicial system and one of our goals is to show each individual the way to establish a life after the jailhouse while remaining sober.  We do this in aggregate steps over an    18-month period.  We offer an environment free from drugs, alcohol and other negative influences associated with the disease of addiction.  Since we are a non-medical facility, we can accept only those who have the ability to care for themselves and are employable.  We introduce our residents to a new set of values that will lead them to a more productive and responsible lifestyle.  Opportunity House has the distinction of being the first safe place many of our residents will live.


We demand three things of each resident:

1)  He must stay sober.

2)  He must maintain employment during his stay here.

3)  And, he must participate in a 12 Step Program.


When just one individual succeeds, we all benefit.  We have introduced a productive and responsible citizen back into society to live in and share our world.