The Beginning of Opportunity House


The idea behind Opportunity House evolved when a New Mexico Magisitrate


Judge asked some of the local A.A. people to take a meeting to the county


jail. He was concerned about the high recidivism rate.  People coming before


him with drug or alcohol charges were seemingly only being temporarily


removed from the streets.  Incarceration didn't help - they came back.  So a


weekly A.A. meeting was scheduled at the jail.  After 2 years of weekly


meetings where inmates expressed a desire to change, nothing actually did. 


 They kept revolving in and out of jail.  They hated being incarcerated, but


they seemed powerless to change and doomed to repeat their mistakes. 


 Returning to the same environment with no job or money, they were soon


back doing what had placed them in jail initially.  To break this cycle, it was


determined that a drug and alcohol free environment was needed for


inmates to come and live once released or sentenced.  They needed to be


shown how to get and keep a job, taught responsibility, helped to find a


higher power and eased back into mainstream society.


Thus, the Opportunity House Program was born.  In December 1996,


Opportunity House, Inc. was established as a non-profit 501(c)(3)


corporation.  By August 1997, we were ready for our first residents. A year


later, a larger house was added that could hold 14 women. In December


1998, another men's house was added.  Regretfully in September 1999, the


Board of Directors moved to closed the female facility due to the low volume


of residents and the lack of results it produced.  The men were then


transferred into this house from the original house which was vacated. In


January 2001, we ventured out of our local community and into another


county in New Mexico.  We operated this facility for men until October 2003


 when the Board made the decision to close due to lack of community




By 2003 we were looking  for a larger success rate and undertook revamping


 our entire Program.  We divided it into three phases while extending the


commitment time to 18 months thus becoming a "long-term" facility.  We


were already operating two houses in Hobbs, NM and this expansion


required us to purchase a third house.  This house was totally for Phase II


residents.  Phase II gives the men a chance to try out the new life skills they


have learned in Phase I with the support of the Program and with the


direction of Opportunity House management. Men took up residency in this


 house in February 2004 and since 2006, we have noticed an increase in our


success rate of about 50%.  Also in 2004, we purchased a building at 206


North Turner St. in downtown Hobbs to serve as our Administration


Building.  Here we have our Admin. Offices, Private Counseling Office, Training


Classes, and Board Meetings.  We also hold Open Recovery meetings here


twice a week to accomodate anyone in the community who struggles with




In 2009 we enlarged the Phase II part of our Program by purchasing another


 house.  We now have four houses in the community of Hobbs, New Mexico


 with a total bed count of 45.