Opportunity House, Inc. has been referred to as the premier substance 

 abuse recovery program in New Mexico.





Opportunity House is fashioned from the "Social Model" Recovery Homes and


is not a substance abuse treatment facility and does not represent itself as


one. Neither detoxification nor substance abuse counseling is offered, but we


do recommend other programs locally available, if needed. There is peer


counseling from the House Directors and established residents.  We teach by


example.  We teach how to live a happy and content life without the need for


drugs and/or alcohol.  Our Program is based on:  1) Recovery of drugs and


alcohol through a 12 Step Program,    2) Stability through work,   3)


Responsibilty, Honesty and Accountability learned through Life Skills,


Anger Management and Parenting Classes.  


We do not accept residents who have a history of violence, child abuse or


molestation.  We do not take in men who we feel would be a danger to our


community. All residents must be at least 18 years old.


Our House Directors are  not licensed counselors.  They are, however, also


recovering from the disease of addiction and most have been through the


Opportunity House Program.


We presently have 34 beds in Phase I and 11 beds in Phase II.


An applicant's willingness to change his life is paramount and must be


indicated on his application and during his interview.


Residents are evaluated monthly according to their progress and their




They must sign off on these reports before they are sent to their


probation/parole officer, judge or anyone else who might have jurisdiction


 over them.


No one is accepted into the Program who can not work.  Our Program is


supported mainly by those who want sobriety bad enough they are willing


to pay for it without assistance from family, insurance or government


funds.  Each resident is charged $30 per day. This covers room and board,


phone, transportation to and from their jobs, meetings and any other


appointments which they may have.  We do not offer job training, but we do


make it a prioity to help them find gainful employment in our community.


Most of the time our beds are full and after the courts agree that a


prospective client would make us a good candidate, we will add his name to


the bottom of our waiting list.  Our waiting list is usually 20 to 25 names


long and the wait is usually around 3 to 4 months.