Presenting Opportunity House, Inc.

The Opportunity House program is an 18 month transitional living program whose main focus is to give alcoholics and/or drug abusers who are serious about their own recovery a chance to gain confidence, learn new life skills, and combat other negative influences associated with the disease of addiction enabling them to re-enter mainstream society on a level playing field.


In the first 11-14 months of the program (Phase I), the residents adhere to a strict set of rules which encompasses their daily lives.  Focus is mainly on the Program, adjusting to life in the house, finding gainful employment, and working a 12 Step program, Anger Mangement, Parenting and Life Skills classes.


In Phase II a resident gets to try-out the living skills he has learned in Phase I.  He will reside in a house with 5 or 6 other residents.  Those residents will have advanced far enough in the Program to be able to provide for their own transportation, purchase their own food and household necessities.  They will get to have a room to themselves that they furnish and decorate.  Opportunity House provides the utilities, furniture in all of the common areas, appliances and tools necessary for the residents to live in and maintain the property as they would anywhere they would live.  They are required to make a certain number of meetings and have to comply with OHI rules as set down in their rental agreement.  Depending on their individual progress and needs, a resident's stay in Phase I and Phase II can be up to 16 1/2 months before they move on to Phase III.


Phase III is also known as "Aftercare".  A resident who has progressed well and has been active in his own recovery through the other Phases of the Program now will have the chance to be able to live on his own.  He will still be attached to OHI by a separate set of rules until his full commitment has been completed.


Opportunity House is the only recovery program in the State of New Mexico to offer such a comprehensive program to ensure success.